AR VR or whatever Hololens is

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AR VR or whatever Hololens is

Postby Therianwolf » Sat May 23, 2015 10:57 pm

So the whole Oculus thing is finally looking like it might happen. First off, does anyone care? If so which one are people planning on actually trying? Not talking about buying it first gen but wouldn't mind owning one. I personally wouldn't mine Morpheus so long as it works like I expect such a device to work, doubt it. My own reasoning is that I own a lot of sony consoles and I even use my PS3 or sony smart tv to watch YouTube. My computer is used for novus, the occasional LOL game (still can't get into it) twitch and that about it, it's why I switched to a laptop that's 7 years old I don't need some high powered pc so an Oculus is not only out of my spec range but also of little use to me. What's everyone else opinions?

I'm more interested in just getting a discussion going on the latest tech that COULD benefit our society, or kill it lol
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