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Exile Online

Postby Shadows » Mon May 09, 2016 9:48 am

Exile Online is a game very similar to Face of Mankind, which is probably my favorite game of all time... I do not believe there are set factions in the game but there are organizations, syndicates, security corps, and the like. I sincerely hope that it ends up being what FoM could have been in Fall of the Dominion. I believe the game is action combat, upon interpreting "Skill shots, timed assaults and aimed attacks mean that a player's expertise and reactions are a key element for surviving each brutal engagement." I sincerely hope that you guys check out the campaign, as if it lives up to the player freedom exhibited in the Kickstarter... I will be a happy man.

A few features:

Innovative combat dynamics such as stealth, or attacking infrastructure.

PvE encounters, which is something FoM never did correctly... but it looks like they may be heading in the right direction.

There are skills, and I'm not sure how I feel about this one... skills being implemented were one of the major downfalls of Fall of the Dominion. Combat and other interactions should be completely dictated by skills, but we will see how it plays out.

Item modification and enhancements in order to adapt to certain situations.

The Cybernet is a separate unique avatar from your real world body... I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work but what happens in the cybernet will impact the "real" world as well. I imagine this will be an interesting dynamic between warring factions, an additional front if you will.

World persistence, with multiple outcomes due to player choice. Reputation based on your actions... consequences include getting flagged as a criminal towards policing factions.

Crafting - pretty standard across games.

Player Apartments, who doesn't love 'em?

I basically ripped this information off of the Kickstarter and website, if any of this interests you... I'd ask you to at least look them up on their website:
I would recommend hitting that game features tab, it has some amazing information!

Kickstarter if you'd like to help in that manner:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/11 ... escription

Thanks, and I hope you give it a look :)


The team is also very responsive towards the community, and enjoys partaking in discussions and such... which is always a plus!
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Re: Exile Online

Postby Therianwolf » Mon May 09, 2016 10:52 am

Line weight! That is the first thing I notice, thick black outlines on EVERYTHING. The world art kind of reminds me of the telltale games in style. The characters or… character looks like shit.
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Re: Exile Online

Postby Shadows » Mon May 09, 2016 12:13 pm

I didn't really pay attention to that earlier but you are definitely not wrong. The characters aren't the greatest, lmao.

The running animation is also fairly ridiculous; it looks like a giant brick is shoved where it shouldn't be ;P

I'm just curious how there can be action combat when the view is so far from the character... It's possible it's just something like Blade and Soul, which would be fairly disappointing. I still think it will be a good substitute for FoM though!

It's probably a good thing that characters/animations aren't deal breakers for me... in fact, I'm not even sure they make it into my decision making process when it comes to whether a game is good or not.
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Re: Exile Online

Postby Lord Tyrius » Wed May 11, 2016 6:33 am

I really like the artstyle I see on http://exile-online.com/index.php/exilemedia/screenshot-gallery, comic like, stylized, cartoonish, somehow I always liked those. And it can work out beautiful in videogames.
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