Shameless plug and a wink wink nudge nudge howdoyoudo

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Shameless plug and a wink wink nudge nudge howdoyoudo

Postby vedrit » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:55 pm

Hi all, my name is Vedrit and for the past 2 years I have been working on my own dream game in the same engine the devs are now using for HADES 9 (Title pending); Unity3D
My game, though, is drastically different. My game is a fantasy role-playing game set in an open world with a very sand-box lean. Be what you want, do what you want. No levels, no classes, no invisible walls.
Players can band together to form different types of guilds, which can come together in alliances. Guilds and alliances can settle new towns. Towns can be conquered or bought out.
Trade, raid, or war!
Be anything in
The False World.

I try to do monthly update videos, but sometimes life comes up and there's not really anything to show. Currently, there's myself, another programmer, and an artist (Though for the first year it was just me)
You can see my videos here: ... nWEtgPnGDV

And yes, I am posting this to maybe get the attention of the dev team from the-studio-formerly-named-Taitale and convince them to let me help in whatever way I can!
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