Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

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Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby MrGoche » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:38 am

Here are some ideas from me. Since this is the perfect time in the game to say them. I will try to keep up with content and updates for the game, However if something here is already planned i am sorry i have only been here a week. In that you can view me as not experienced in the game, but also as my first experience in the game.

Planned Below is planned Content, Rather than delete it ill use it as checklist and to remind myself of future content. Reccomend you look through it :wink:

Fleet Organization:
  • Having fleet organization in groups 1- 9 is nice. However when devising tactics or managing a large fleet or micro fleets breaking them down into a command structure might help. You select a group of ships and mark them together as a group (not any number yet) this group will work together and move together forming a firing line or escort depending on the tactics. That squad will then be able to go under a fleet and when you select that fleet it will select each squad and allow you to move them together without spreading them out. Using the military organization would be a nice example. Having the whole army > then Batallions (the fleets) > squads (the groupings/ escorts) > then the units themselves
  • Each fleet could be costomized with their own tactics allowing for you to specialize them. Forming fleets/squads meant for escorting, trading, defending, and attacking. Better groupings of skills will allow you to make firing lines of ships with tanks in the front that runaway on their own.

  • While in reality asteroids are very far apart from one another having a mining vessel/ station / both can open a new way of achieving rescources
  • act as a wall, blocking fire from other side.
  • minefield damage ships based on the size of the ship allowing fighters/bombers/corvettes to use as a getaway or to simply hide.
Satelites/ Probes
  • unmanned units with soul purpose of information.
  • Provide early warning system by detecting enemy units.
  • discover new things in deepspace

Shield Bubbles/ cloak/ Support/ repair
  • Bubble shields that cover an area and act as a wall. Acts as normal shield but over wide area. Can change tactics by preventing ships from entering a certain area and providing cover for ranged units.
  • Cloak or counterintelligence lowers visability of ships allowing ambushing or lower accuracy against ships
  • Support acts as a command ship providing targeting links and inc. accuracy in general and on critical systems (more attack)
  • Repair obviously repairs ships.
  • These will all consume supplies when being used and can be disable if the supporting ship is heavily hit or out of supplies.

Anomalies/ Events
  • random occuring things in deep space that vary from old empire ruins, wormhole to uncharted space, *stealing from eve*, pirate fortresses, SOS signatures, etc.
  • events would be similar to catastrophes. Examples: Rouge nanite swarms, supernovas, rouge black holes, pirate invasion, plague, reactor malfunctions on planets, etc.
  • events could be positive, bad, or used to your advantage for both
    ~ it could be a moral choice you are managing an empire with many factions
sub- buildings/ sectors
  • when you build sectors each one currently takes many hexagons of space (yeah lets go with that), each of those individual hexagons can have a sub-building or upg that affects all sectors in range. For example you can build a population hub that inc. population but effects sectors by inc. max work force etc.
  • sectors can add to the sector count or be separate from it.

Planetary connections
  • this is just a visual thing, when you build 2 sectors that touch or overlap one another in its radius form a road of somesort connecting them. It irks me that each sector is an isolated community.

  • Being able to increase the experience of units to improve their skill through combat
  • Promotes survivability in ships. No longer just sending them to suicide at the enemy lines unless necessary.

Mele combat
  • Boarding enemy ships allows you to convert, sabotage, or damage enemy ship from inside. Introduces new game mechanic and a reason to put troops on ships without landing pods.
  • Ramming. sometimes the simple tactics are the best. Already large frontal armor can be further inc by putting extra armor on front and then just go full throttle into the side of the enemy ship.
    ~Allows Big ships to squash little ships like bugs on a winshield.
  • Introduces a new close quarters tactic that throws forces into disarray

  • These slots will go along with weapons, however its role will be to improve current weapons, these will allow ships with one megagun on dreadnaughts and balance the corvettes shear numbers and speed
  • enchantments(i cant think of a better term right now) will be able to improve accuracy, reload time, shield resistance to certain things, range, firing arc, and power. At the cost of CP and inc supply cost

Planned More things that are allready planned !!!

Active Universe
  • Ships heading to next trade destination, founding a colony, running from an enemy fleet, visiting family. The point create an living atmosphere that isnt just all military and nothingness
  • Small ships that fly in between planets of the same empire, that can add to population (migration), add goods to trade, simply give some cash (trade, tourist, taxes), or flee a besieged planet
  • Ships can be shot down by enemy fleets (blockade), raided by pirates (ai/ player/ etc.)
  • The idea can be expanded on, for example small ships (corvette size/ fighter sized) will be single system based, and then your larger ships will be rarer (destroyer/ corvetter if other is fighter based) that can FTL, or if trade pacts/ alliances/ etc. are formed then ships of other empires can be seen with eachother.
-Problems could be to much going on at once for the game to handle, Large empires will have lots of traffic to fit the role (more to protect), small empires have to wait longer for ships to populate planets ( less planets to migrate from)

Salvage Ships and Planets
  • After a great battle send in salvage ships to get their rescources back, Steal there technology/ DNA,
  • Option to Reconstruct ships of your race whether you have the technology or not, will be critically hurt but getting their engines back online and to your planets is all you need
  • Conquered planets can have ruins, for same race building can make them cheaper if you rebuild on them (reconstruct/ convert pop). Other races with get DNA, research, or Slaves from the ruins.
  • Get lost in the vacuum and vastness of Space overtime
- could be and issue of same race conflict due to salvage and reconstruction bonuses.

Active Planet
  • Similar to Active Universe however entirely planetary based and visual eye candy based
  • Cars/ships/trains/ factories can be seen moving creating and immersing an living planet.
  • lights going off and on in populated areas
  • planet becomes more urbanized as population of planet increases, starts out normal end result will be something along the lines of Coruscant or a forge world.
  • When sector is working (research, producing, mining, etc.) movement and lighting changes to show.
  • War/ conflict When planet is being attacked by troops or bombarded by ships. Being able to look at your planetary view and seeing fighters/ bombers flying around with transports, planetary defenses shooting, smoke and fire, firefighting in the cities etc. an apocalypse in the making

Wonders & Visuals
  • Since im pretty sure Wonders has been posted many times this will focus on visuals and aspects of them
  • Orbital Ring (Either shipyard/ Defense ring): Shipyard/ station / defense ring wonder that creates a man made ring (Shipyards of Kuat for example, or star-ship troopers defense ring). Creates a Ring around the planet
    - Can act as a station to resupply or be fitted/ costumed with guns and shields.
  • Citadel: Large walled/shielded city with defenses. Can be seen from space as very tall towers (40k cities) or large multi-walled city with a bubble
    - Makes it harder to take planet/ stores more solders/ sanctuary for resources
  • Deep Core Mine: Massive mine that can go to center of moon or planet that mines rarer resources. Appears as a massive mine from space *hole*
  • Race/ Faction specific wonders: example Cathedrals/ DNA cultivators/ palaces/ super factories/ sky-net/ etc.

Various Eye Candy (Things that will make you cry at the beauty)
  • As population rises on planets, various cities can be seen from orbital view, night side more so with lights doesn't have to be active
  • Each gun its own visuals, Flak cannons are great example as they make you want to evacuate your fighters even if they do little damage
  • Planets with rings, minor moons, asteroids, basically vissual things in orbit that may not be useful.
  • Empire Flags, whether download from online or make your own thing. Something to customize your empire / alliance with

Various Ear Candy (You will fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Novus)
  • Comedic/ informative/ Serious/ and Immersive that defer from Race to race
  • When being attacked, attacking, invading, dieing etc. an audio that refers to that. Ex: " Meatbags are firing their pew pews, -" If orders are to holdfire " -shall we respond?" or if fire at will "- Slicing the meat bags now M' Lord"
  • Fleet Commander Audio versus unit or squad audio AKA radio chatter. If Units are moved as a Fleet will use Commander audio ( generally has a command ship vibe background noise etc.)
    - Since there are less fleets more audio information will come from fleet commander example, if unit is told to hold fire and hasnt recieved any new orders despite being attacked. Ex: officer to commander "Orders Sir?... Sir?!?!" Commander being the badass he is sternly says "Hooold." When order is finely given Com Yells "Fire!"
    - Basically dialouge will go Squads to commander for information, and commander to them when orders to them. Creates a Radio chatter vibe. Commander can talk to player but they are commanders and should appear more independent being active while your offline and such.
  • THump: Despite the vacuum of space being able to hear the sound of a thousand rail guns descend on the enemy
  • Active unit chatter: the unit you have selected can be overheard in battle ex: "Set Shields to double front", "transfering power to guns", "hull breach on deck 16- 18", "reactor reaching critcal levels...", "Code Red, All personal evacuate" etc.
  • Example Funny just for the kicks from dawn of war series
Native Civilizations
  • Planets owned by less advanced civilizations, Tribal, feudal, renaissance, industrial, modern (orbital flight possible/ satalites), to solar empire (No FTL but space faring)
  • missions for civilizations, attitudes to different factions (culture differences).
  • Can be conquered less advanced the easier.
  • Can give exotic goods, specific to them alone. (encourages protecting of civilizations)
  • Can be converted if relations is high enough Assimilate population/ planet and possibly lose exotics though
  • Can upgrade their techlevel by doing missions (takes long time), end goal would be FTL capable city-state

Player Biography
  • Customize character by selecting government type, title, rise to power, and role.
  • Can be the Hive mind, Overlord, Holiness, majesty, president, Prime minister, Admiral, Administrator, A.I. governmental unit, etc.
  • Able to write your own biography in game that is viewed. Opens role play and information of player.
  • It could give bonuses based on government type/ leader etc.

Faction Exclusives
  • Getting a faction to love you, can unlock certain weapons/ ships/ buildings
  • Could also give benefits from good relations with factions in trade/ firepower/ etc.
  • Being hated by faction can cause hostile on contact or damage alliance associates reputation with the faction

Changing Battlefield
  • As ships die, lasers fly, and the battle gets flooded with chaos changes begin to affect the area itself
  • Ships that once had an FTL drive leave a residue (radiation/ plasma/ warp/ etc.) that damage any ships in area. creates areas to avoid though can also be used as a cloak.
  • Thick Debree fields damage and protect ships. protecting from enemy fire, but damaging shields and hull when shields are down.
  • Ships can power down and pretend to be a husk of a ship, only to turn on and attack from behind. ( shields are down, weapons are off, and open to attack)
  • Un exploded ammunition, rail-gun rounds, missiles, torpedoes, etc. may create a minefield that can kill fighters and bombers.
  • Delayed detonation, ships that were husked* or destroyed without blowing up may explode later acting as a ticking time bomb.
    - can be hurried by firing on said ship, but lose chance to salvage.
  • momentum on dead or dieing ships, continue flying to destination even after death ( moving bomb)
  • Debree, husk, etc. act as hull walls and can be used as cover

Weapon Ideas
  • Mines, AOE bombs that trigger on enemy contact, can defer from being cloaked or not.
  • Delayed missiles, same as mines and are triggered on enemy contact, however have broader range and hoam in on target
  • FTL bombs, teleport unto enemy ship and blow up. Bypassing shields inaccurate.
  • Nanite swarm, metal eating locust. eats hull doing constant dps (poison)
  • wave/ ray guns. send out an aoe wave ( makes a single visible wave looks like a warp/ air trail) does little dmg however ( good versus mines, fighters, and non shielded targets)
  • Spores: space monsters that are basically slow missiles do more damage though
  • tractor beam/ stun guns: basically a weapon that slows a target down.

Suggestions Unconfirmed on whether or not they are planned

Chalk Board
  • Basically it allows you to draw on the world, recommend it to be a simplified top down view, as i can see it being very confusing in the 3-d. Ex:
  • Would exist on 2 instances, Player (only you can see an edit, basically a notebook for unit movements and plans) and alliance, only members who are given permission can edit/ or see but allows a group of ppl to form an strategy similar to gathering around a map
  • It can work on its own just drawing, however being able to see orders, give, and plan orders from the chalkboard will give an organized view.
    - Being on the 3 view will still be better for micro/ and better control of units being. However Chalkboard orders will be better for the planning player who takes his time and calculates
  • People can draw funny pictures to entertain themselves.
    - people will draw funny pictures to entertain themselves...
  • Advanced drawing can be for more experienced users, allowing you to identify units, amount, types, etc. just by symbols and lines. Similar to NATO
    -Example Adv

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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby Sypheria » Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:55 am

You'll be happy to know everyone of these are already planned. ^_^
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby MrGoche » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:46 pm

Sypheria wrote:You'll be happy to know everyone of these are already planned. ^_^

You'll be happy to know, that you made my day :grin:
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby Huginn » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:56 pm

MrGoche wrote:You'll be happy to know, that you made my day :grin:

Sypheria pretty much summed it all up ;) This game will literally have everything.
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby MrGoche » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:08 am

Updated. Mostly visual based suggestions.
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby Sypheria » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:12 am

That's all planned too.
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby MrGoche » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:27 am

I will Find A Suggestion that you guys dont have, and you will love it! Mark my words
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby Sypheria » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:41 am

Everything except chalk board is planned. :P
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby ante185 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:13 pm

Sypheria wrote:Everything except chalk board is planned. :P

and that's a pretty neat idea either way
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Re: Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Postby MrGoche » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:47 pm

Finally got something :lol:

A simple Chalkboard i see working alongside something else more than a stand-alone feature. For example if you make a pact (something along the lines of Eve fleets), group, alliance, or a chat room the Chalkboard will be a feature for strategies to form and operations to be made. It could just be a top down view of the map with a few paintbrush tools and erasers.

A more complicated Chalkboard would be simlar to a strategic view. Basically the full Battlefield. ImageImage

However you use the paintbrush tools as a a median to giving orders. Using lines of different types to do different things to form patrols along a shape you drew around your starsytem, or and merchant escort route along a arrow.
  1. Clicking a fleet of 15 destroyers and using the line tool (similar to weather report with arrows pointing facing direction) and units will then align themselves along it forming a firing/defensive line.
  2. Creating a circle with patrol order will have units spread out in that area constantly moving in a reacon fasion. Or use attack order and concentrate fire on units in that circle.
  3. Attaching move orders to a Arrow (can be a one way or 2 way) will create a route onto which the unit will move
  4. Just drawing an arrow and having no orders attach will just make an arrow onto which you can attach orders later.
    would be more complex however would by unique in its own way. Combining lets say give orders to the line *not the destroyers on the line* to follow the arrow while facing the same direction. or simply move. Will cause your destroyers to stay in formation and retreat/ push.
Basically it allows you to use the chalkboard as a command screen of sorts.
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