Stargate like idea

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Stargate like idea

Postby Therianwolf » Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:22 am

I know there is already a guild required spacegate but this is for individuals. These things have to be built in the same location, so no making one end in this system and another in your other system. So they start off useless, it's a quantum entanglement thing ANYWAYS, once made the other ring has to be flown to another system at which point it acts like stargate or rather the "supergate" from the ori seasons. It's weakness is that during this transit it's about the slowest fucking thing in the game no matter the engines in fact is has no engines (SOLAR SAIL BITCHES) save for small ion thrusters to aid in orbital adjustments but once launched it can't be redirected and once at its destination it can never be moved out of its orbit. It also has to remain just outside of the system it's in, that goes for both ends, gravity reasons, sort of like mass effect relays. No on board method of defend, no shields and it's only armour is to protect against micro meteorites so not matter the weapon one shot of anything would blow the thing to kingdom come. It also takes a FUCK TON of energy to transfer one ship and it is more of a transfer then a wormhole or FTL. The way it works is it takes the ship, breaks it down like a teleporerer would and then sends its data through the quantum entangled particle to the receiver and then rematerializes it there. It would only work one way at a time (energy stored in the ring needs to be used).
So example, ring one is "empty" a ship gets broken down and "sent" the sum total energy (e=mc^2) of that ship that was just broken down is stored in ring 1 until ring two sends it new data. The stored energy is used to "create" whatever entered and was broken down at ring 2. And this is how this gate works and because of its limitations, weaknesses and required break down and reassbling time I think this would be sufficient to be something EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE for a single player to make but still doable. If they are lucky enough that no one attacks it or strong enough to defend it they can end up sparing themselves a lot of lost cargo from pirates. Of course any reactive material in the cargo hold would well... detonate upon the break down process resulting in one HELL of a loss. This can also be used as a "service" by some player to others offering safe passage, and good sabatoge opportunities as since the spontanious reactive material kaboom would be semi random (some items WILL go boom some less so, some not at all) rival merchants or players can basically kamikaze the ring but still maintain a peace with the excuse that it must have been a random thing when in fact they could have stuffed with ship with guarenteed boom boom also would be a good idea to allow cargo to be "hidden" so like having an inspection option that can be upgraded both for the spy wishing to learn more and the for the one looking for protect their shit which would fall into the intelligence side of DIME. In my defence I do not know if this sort of thing already exists or not. Their could also be three different versions of these gates, the prototype which costs less but has a high chance of fail, the perfected tech which works like I've mentioned and the derelict which can either be constructed or it could be an artifact thing, these derelict ones work every time like the perfected type but have a higher chance of reactive material going kaboom. What do you think?

Edit: oh forgot, ships with crew do something a little different. Before the ship gets broken down its crew are teleported and stored ahead of time, having part of a human de materialized would probably kill a person so if the ship or ring are attacked and blow up during this risky transport the crew are saved and sent to the nearest planet owned by the player
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