Tracking Device

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Tracking Device

Postby CannonFodder » Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:34 pm

Might be nice to have a tracking device as one option for a ship. Might be interesting to follow enemy warships or merchants as they travel the galaxy. Perhaps one could be fired from a weapon slot and give an occasional ping.
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Re: Tracking Device

Postby Therianwolf » Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:25 am

Pretty sure some variation of this idea is already going to be in the game as part of the "intelligence" section of " D.I.M.E."
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Re: Tracking Device

Postby Lightmoore » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:00 am

Yup I even put some up for my design a component item. Over a year ago now.

Item: Space beacon.

Beacon is used to track ships of other players.
1. can only be used on players set to enemy at the time of deployment.
2. lower lv. beacon can track ship it is attached to up to 5 systems away.
3. mid lv. beacon can track ship it is attached to up to 20 systems away.
4. higher lv. beacon can track ship it is attached to up to 100 systems away.

Above is changeable for better game play.

Human: Tracking device is placed on ships with the aid of a missile and is in the form
of a magnetic device that attaches to ship(s). There must be a receiver built
into a ship (most likely a bay slot) both the transmitter and receiver must be
upgraded to get the next higher lv of beacon.

V.: Tracking device is in the form of a paired set of creatures that will age in
order to get to the next lv of beacon. It will feed off the ships energy. one 1/2
of the pair will be placed on to a living pod of some kind that will attach itself
to a target ship(s).

CB: Tracking is done with the aid of a Virus that is inserted into the ships com
systems, via a beam weapon that is set to the tracked ship(s) electric emissions
this will take a lot of different hits to a ship till the right Frequency is hit.
and Virus can be transferred. CB will also have to have software updates to take
advantage of the longer ranges.

All Tracking devices will be removed when ships go into Shipyard for repairs, this can
also be done in a Spaceport but the odds are better for removal if put into a Shipyard
over just putting it in the Spaceport. (mite have some kind of detection for them when
a ships gets to a certain lv.)
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