New Features and Changes

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Re: New Features and Changes

Postby Grakle » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:04 pm

Lmao. Guys guys. No need to argue, my Noon Shadow lasts for all of time and space, it can survive the birth of the universe and it's destruction by fire. My beard it the gate way to heaven and hell. The Devil needs to pay tole to look at my scruff as he walks to his throne and God looks with an approving nod as he strokes his own heavenly hippy beard.

So as you ca see :]> my scruff is the scruff that will conquer the heavens!!!! Hehe. It's great to see Dev's acting like real people and not all stuck up business men XD Lol guys, you got my respect.
It can survive the birth of the universe, and it's destruction by fire or ice. It is the gateway to heaven and hell. The Devil pays it a fee to even look upon it, while god himself look with an approving nod. It, is, the most interesting beard in the world.

My beard is the beard the CONQUERS THE HEAVENS!!!!! Submit to the will of the scruff.
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