A Few Questions on Gameplay

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A Few Questions on Gameplay

Postby Rfent1 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:59 pm

I know some of this information is available on the game information page but i just want to clarify some of the points

1. Is there still the specializing into industry and working on production rather then working with other players who will do the fighting while you trade them supplies to build new ships? that was what interested me, more than fighting was, industry, tech and.. well i guess you would call it bribery.
The demo reel seems to suggest that you do combat and production alone?
i guess what i want to know is if i only focus on tech and production will i be able to out pace someone who splits focus so i can then work with someone who is fighting large wars to quickly replace the ships they lose faster than their enemy.

2. How is trade expected to work will I (as a production focused player) have to defend my trade routes with my own small armada of fast high tech ships? (of course made with tech that is not for sale, wouldn't want my "allies" getting any ideas would we...)

3. A question on tech the info page on research says "An engineer or a scientist might get an idea on how to improve a certain aspect of your fleet by witnessing a battle on the frontlines. From there the idea shapes into an applicable theory. This theory can then be researched and tested which will give an end result." if I want to be ahead in the tech game can i build building that will make my allies want to give techs to me rather than work on them alone. For example i have much faster build times and 2 of my allies give me techs so i can combine them to make modules for both of them faster than they could alone. also as i wont come by theories with my fleet only on trade rout defense will there be other times that theories come available or do certain types come around in different situations like if I'm always trading will i be more likely to come by a warp drive upgrade making my trade ships faster that i can then build and trade to allies.

4. My final question is about logging out when you log out whats stopping someone taking all your outer systems will it have some kind of system like EVE Online where you must reinforce the system and then it gives a set time when it becomes vulnerable so you/your allies can plan a defense or will it be more like the AI takes over and you have to hope it makes sensible choices?

Apologies for the wall of text I'm a huge strategy fan and a huge EVE fan this seems to be a of combo of both so i really just want to pull apart the tactics and gameplay.
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Re: A Few Questions on Gameplay

Postby Huginn » Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:00 pm

Imma just gonna answer your questions quickly and simple:

1. Yes you can specialize. People who try to produce quantities and get interesting technologies can actually use their tech to bribe off people. Its simple, because there's a somewhat random factor into what technology u start with, and what you attain through research.

Maybe you have a weapon they would want?

2. Partially automated, partially manual.

3. Latest thing i heard this was indeed one of the things being implemented (but i dont have the whole picture)

4. No reinforcing, nothing. You get 2 planetary covering shields to protect your 2 main planets. The other planets can be seized, but dealing with a angry population when claiming planets is not always easy. Conquering planets take time aswell, as you can imagine.

When ur offline, a AI takes control of your forces and can spawn ships to protect. You can edit the AI too.
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Re: A Few Questions on Gameplay

Postby Therianwolf » Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:19 pm

Huginn forgot one thing on question 4, when you log out and someone comes along and smashes your ships. There is a system that will rebuild them. I think it's at a smaller cost when your offline too. Also I think they said that if your ships are smashed not long after you log out they will be replaced at zero cost and immediately or something like that.

Edit: I also forgot something, when someone captures your planet there is a period of time where they don't get any benefits from it. During this time if you recapture it then you get the benefits right away
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Re: A Few Questions on Gameplay

Postby Lord Tyrius » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:23 am

Therianwolf wrote:[...] Also I think they said that if your ships are smashed not long after you log out they will be replaced at zero cost [...]

Jep. After you have been offline for a couple min ships will be replaced, not before that to prevent someone from logging out during a loosing battle to abuse the system to get back his ships for free.
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Re: A Few Questions on Gameplay

Postby Rfent1 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:38 pm

Ok. thanks guys that's awesome. cant wait to see where this game goes.
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