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Postby ConverseKnave » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:58 am

Therianwolf wrote:Yes and no, it wasn't suppose to be a alliance per say, it was meant to be a medium to help start a system that would lead to what would amount to how a real country would function. That being said what you wish to do would actually be of great benefit, a "contract" has already been created that anyone can use to create this system within any alliance what we lack of someone to link traders to military players. If you are interested then you essentially would be a keystone in this plan. I've been in talks with a few alliances but so far only one is actively interested in it, but that is ok as one is enough to get the ball rolling. Currently we are just waiting for alliances to get started in the game before we can really do anything more then lay the ground work and prepare, which for the most part we have done. We lack traders right now, but that's the same deal with the game as a whole, so if you are interested we definitely can use you.

I have a few suggestions if you don't mind. I think that to really have an organised trading system amongst the various players across the galaxy, it would be really useful to create an alliance whose main goal is to help facilitate trading rather than just have a contract among the alliances. For example, there are definitely going to be many different sectors across the galaxy and sometimes war breaks out or there might be pirates along the way. This makes it dangerous for traders to travel very far as they are more likely to meet pirates or get raid by a rival alliance(especially since FTL travel across long distances could make you end up in a completely different spot to your intended destination(eg. pirate sector). To solve this issue, the trade alliance could use an area to act as a "middleman port". This way, if someone wants to trade with someone far away, they could just offload their cargo at the port(which is closer to them) while the customer comes to collect it. This way, both party only need to travel half the distance.(This would require careful diplomacy to ensure the trade alliance stays reputable and trustworthy). Also, since this is a neutral zone, people would be assured that it is safe to trade here. We can also provide escort services like rent-a-warship escort for a small fee. At the port, it is also possible to sell things the trade alliance makes or buy from one side of the galaxy and sell to the other side of the galaxy. This being said, there are some limitations to this which will be a challenge, mainly being the alliance has to have a good reputation which might be an obstacle if we want to conquer someone. All 15 members of the alliance also have to do their part and not play the others out. A way to ensure this is for the members to have an agreement before engaging in important decisions on their own such as starting a war.

The 15 members will have to do different things to ensure that it is efficient:

5 members will have to be the main military empires to possibly expand the control empires and for defense. (3 members to guard the borders and 1 to guard the core worlds & 1 to capture(requires careful diplomacy) planets, expand empire and secure trade routes). This excludes the fact the everyone else needs at least a small army just in case.

3 members will have to focus on manufacturing parts and researching parts for sale and up-keeping of the military forces.

5 members will have to create markets spread out across the galaxy to be accessible to as many players as possible(have to be protected by the military members). This means that there would be a total of 5 market place across the galaxy each owned by 1 member.

2 member will have to be very good at gathering intelligence(without being caught) to provide updates to the alliance for protection and possibly find out how to forge better ties with other alliances. They will also be key in ensuring that no rebelling happens in the alliance and that the members of the alliance won't be affected by outsiders to create discord(a rebellion means a near instant collapse of the alliance).

Two of the 15 members will at the same times need to be good at diplomacy to ensure good relations with other factions/alliances/players, while at the same time be firm enough to make sure that the trade alliance doesn't get trampled all over and lose out. Also, the trading members will likely have better economies and will need to fund the manufacturers and military focused members to keep things going. If all goes well, it is possible that eventually all members can excel at everything and prosper even more. Should things go awry, every members' empire will be in shambles as everyone is reliant on one another. :smile:
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Re: Trade Alliance

Postby Bones » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:26 am

Hello ConverseKnave, I really like some of the ideas you bring to this "Player trade/Trade alliance" I have been a strong advocate for this system and want it to happen its something i think should be in a game like this. For someone interested in the economic part of the game like myself. Therianwolf and i created a sort of early plan of this system and how we thought it would work.
(link here) viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4768.
In this plan there was talk of having a governing alliance much like the one you have thought of here to oversee all of this. This alliance is still on the table but as we get closer to steam release and more people are interested we can see about getting the possible alliance going and the trade system.
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