Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 12/06/15

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Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 12/06/15

Postby Darcova » Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:01 am

This tread is updated often so check it once a week to see what has changed. date undated will be in the subject.

Please read the StarForce series by Aer-ki jyr or go to the StarForce wiki for more information on the Cajdital

The Cajdital consider all entities to be neither ally or enemy, unless you are classified as such, all entities will have to wait until the empire shares a border with you, upon which time you will be asked 4 choices and classified by your answer.

Membership closed until game is launched on steam and Darcova Zarconus has entered the game,

NAPs open to Alliances until steam launch (hidden benefits that only come with this pact)

PM me if you have questions or comments or post them in here below

This alliance is based off the 'lizard" race in the Star Force series by Aer'Ki'Jyr.

Players can’t apply for this Empire until I am in game(which I will post here), if you want to join you must relocate your shield planet next to my mine after sending me a PM and getting a acknowledgement. You must see your name in the member list at the bottom of this post, before relocating your planet, I will send you coordinates for your shield planet, bring a full fleet and a good number of dropships because we may need to take the planet from one of the empire's members or from outside players which are more hostile. The empire will aid you in acquiring the planet, and relocating what material assets they can, but they will be passed around the empire to who needs them most to aid in the expansion and fortification of the empire.

Li'vorkrachnika Empire AKA Cajdital

The Li'vorkrachnika is a race that derives from the Star Force series by Aer’Ki’Jyr. I have chosen to use this race and some of the content found on the wiki to make this empire what it is, because I love the series and the lizards. They were the first race that Star Force came across, they are one of the most persistent Races in the series. They will take every inch you give them, fortify it while expanding territory and advancing the core regions of their empire. You can get the Ebooks from Amazon for $3 if you are in the USA, prices change depending on what country you’re from.

Quick Summary of the empire

I am the overmind, but as of yet my empire is nothing of worth other than information on the forum, i don't know if it is going to work, but I know one thing, it is designed in such a way as to grow over time, and become stronger with each member, those who join me will have autonomy, united defense, and solidified borders to expand on. within two to three years this empire will have a strong core, and a huge member base. Our borders will always fluctuate, but our care systems will grow with each new member, this core is the key, the fortress, the production base, for our empire. our core is the strongest point because it is the place within the empire that is the most player concentrated, because each of our members will have one shield planet in the core sectors, and with each new member the core expands. All members are only allowed one shield planet in the core, but are free to expand outward in all directions 3 systems out from our borders, only engaging players and alliances that are classified as attacked, new players and alliances will be given the 4 choices, player only 2. and their answer will be given to me so I can put it in the classification section of the forum tread. members who defect from the empire will be put under the classification of priority attacked.

Below is the organization of the race.

TOP Leader and founder of the Cajdital, controls expansion direction focus, in charge of promotions, manages alliance pacts.

The elite lizard variant, having been upgraded from an original Templar, the Sovereigns rule lizard society, delegating responsibilities out to an army of Templars in order to control and organize their vast territory, upon which they are always adding star systems to. All the Sovereigns and Templars consider each other to be family, with no rivalries to tear them apart. They are the glue that holds the distant lizard worlds together, ensuring that there are no rogue factions or rebellions. All other lizard variants serve them, and they in turn serve the empire by maintaining their loyalty.

Only Templar who have been loyal for two years, and have shown strong leadership and management skills can become Sovereigns, Sovereigns control a large portion of the empire and all members within their domain. Sovereigns lead side by side and cannot leave the empire or factor and break away from the empire.They are the co-leaders of the empire.

A lizard variant that is not 'grown' but rather reproduced to maintain a ruling brood or blood line. The Templars coordinate Empire-level concerns while lower ranking lizards handle local matters. With time and advancement, Templars can physiologically upgrade into Sovereigns.

Only long term loyal members who have been a member for a year can become Templars, controls all positions under Templar and controls a small portion of the empire. Once a member has become a Templar they can’t leave the Empire. Templars lead side by side

A very large lizard with a thick head and tail. It is the strategic and tactical genius of the lizards, grown to serve well-established colonial regions or war fronts. Having an intellect on par with an Archon, the Masterminds are worthy intellectual opponents with extreme adaptive skills.

Only the best military minded members will become masterminds. Controls all local members under the position of Mastermind except Administrator and Librarian./ can become Templar, will train all military divisions except standards in military tactics, masterminds will come up with new tactics to use by the empire, once a member has become a mastermind they can't leave the empire or factor from it, masterminds control the military, must follow Royal class orders, masterminds lead side by side, the first mastermind to enter a system battle is in command, other masterminds who enter the battle are his sub commanders

 All members are autonomous unless there is a higher ranking member in the sector, at which point that member takes command/ all members are to have one shield planet in the empire's core sectors/ members who defect will be squatted and required to relocate out of the empire's territory.
 Administrator : economy member, in same sector as Librarians/core defense fleet/ can become Templar / must relocate one shield planet to core sectors.
 Librarian : science member in same sector as Administrators/core defense fleet/ can become Templar/ must relocate one shield planet to core sectors.
 Commander : elite military member, is under mastermind, controls local Mauler, Aquatic, and Standard members, good tactic and coordination skills/ can become mastermind
 Military deviations
 Mauler : heavy front-line/empire core defense member /can become Commander, Administrator, Librarian
 Aquatic : planetary/support front-line member can become Commander, Administrator, Librarian
 All members, except for Standard, are to have a shielded planet in the core of the Empire. No exceptions!
 Standard : front-line member/new member/ can become Mauler, Aquatic only after staying with the alliance for two months.
Leaving the Empire : Players who leave the empire must contact a Templar or Sovereign first then, relocate all assets out of the Empire’s territory. Players who fail to do so(within a week) will be squatted, and will be given accommodations to relocate ASAP.

squatted, means all your planets will be taken by force and your shield planet will be blockaded, until you agree to relocate, at that point your colonization fleet will be escorted to a suitable location, you can also choose to join the Empire at this point by relocating one of your shield planets to the core of the empire.

players who are next to the empires borders will be given a choice to join or be attacked, as this empire gains members and territory we will continue to ask players to, join or be attacked on our borders in all directions, if you are in our territory and not part of the Li'vorkrachnika Empire, you can either try to relocate or fight to stay in your position, but will be on our primary target list. and you will be squatted if you stay until you agree to join the empire or relocate.

Alliances on our borders will be given 4 choices,
become a puppet state, disband and join as Standard members, Ally, or be attacked along our shared border

Allies, will not be attacked and will not have to pay tribute, or fight for us, but will be asked to stand aside when other alliances ask your alliance to side with them to combat us . Alliances who do not comply will be attacked.

Puppet states, will not be attacked by us, will pay tribute and fight for us. Alliances who do not comply will be attacked, tribute is raw material/component, shipments to the rim of the empire, once a day from all members of the puppet state, must be 10% of res produced by the planet,

Entities along our borders under the classification (attacked) will be attacked until they have joined the empire or have relocated away at least 3 systems from our borders. Entities will be asked once a month about the 4 choices if they are an alliance, players only 2. Players or alliances trying to help out, entities under the classification attacked will also be marked as attacked

This empire is designed to creep across the cosmos slow and steady like the race in the Star Force series. Build metaphorical walls in our direction like Star force did and your alliances will be able to hold out longer than others and slow our advance in your direction. We will never be exterminated due to planetary shields in our core systems. Which allows each member to build up without getting squatted, and to advance research without hindrance. As our core grows so does our power, each player who joins adds to our core system, allowing for the empire to fortify our sectors and expand our borders. with more fleets and a stronger production base.

Our number one goal is to become the creeping force of Novus Aeterno, and make players cringe at the phrase (the Cajdital are next door) we will not launch attacks out more than 3 systems from our boarders, but players on our borders should be aware of what is coming. For you may be asked to join the empire or relocate far from our borders.

At this point I would like to reach my hand out for NAPs with other alliances, this means once the game lunches your alliance will have a shield against us until you attack us,it also has secret additions that are not in our ally pact, the Empire will not be allowed to attack your alliance once it touches our borders unless you attack first. This offer will only be given until the game launches the persistent server. At which time the offer will close.


NAPs : will not be posted, # of NAPs 1

Allies :

Puppet States :

Priority Attacked players:

Attacked players:

Attacked Alliances:

Sectors under full Empire control
#of sectors 0

Members and their positions,
#of members 1

position, for the founder of the alliance, guides the royal class of the empire (Sovereign,Templar,Mastermind) and all positions bellow, in charge of all promotions, controls which direction the empire will focus its expansion, picks shield planet locations in the empire's core for new members. Manages Pacts with others Alliances.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire

Postby Darcova » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:43 pm

Topic updated 2/18/2014 please read first post!
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire

Postby Azsendi » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:56 pm

Please don't bump the topic, but it's really well detailed. Good luck with your alliance.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire(AKA Cajdital)-Updated 3/04/2014

Postby EmperorLelouch » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:13 am

Greetings Overmind Darcova. As you already know, I am one of the two founders of The Zero Requiem. I must say, I do like how well organized your plans are, and also how open you are with others on them. My alliance has yet to post something such as this because we fear that leaking too much information of our operation may prove fatal. I do, however, look forward to meeting you somewhere in the cosmos as we may be able to establish some kind of mutually beneficial agreement. Best of luck in all of your conquests.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire(AKA Cajdital)-Updated 3/04/2014

Postby Darcova » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:48 pm

Thanks co-founder, I believe this is the only way to show a alliance on the forum, there is more info, but it only resides in my mind, but you with the rest of NA will see my tactics in more detail once I get the game. I hope our borders touch sooner than later.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 3/09/2014

Postby SuzakuKururugi » Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:40 pm

Do you consider yourself our ally or enemy good sir?
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 3/09/2014

Postby Darcova » Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:05 pm

neither, your alliance will be given 4 choices once our borders touch. Read the 1st post. The empire is designed to make allies only in game which means we will not attack you unless you attack us after and your alliance has no binding ties to us other than not to let your alliance to attack us, we could agree on having a NAP which is better than a ally classification. PM for that, the benefits and details are confidential, but if your attack us your alliance classification will be attacked, and your ability to get the NAP pact will not be there, because you can only get it before I get in game.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 3/28/2014

Postby Darcova » Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:21 pm

either we are all settled in our own alliances now or we are growing tired of the wait for the game to come out, I suggest we make a tread for all alliances to converse to stop this silence because it is flat-out boring with out alliances getting formed and rivalries and pacts developing. what do you say my fellow NAE fans and currant players?
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 3/28/2014

Postby UpstartMonkey » Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:36 pm

Hmm I wouldn't say that we're getting impatient for the game, considering how far out it is from actually being done. We did sign on to participate in alpha remember. My personal belief is that this game is going to explode in population when it is released on steam and all of the existing alliances are going to swell in numbers, so don't worry about right now. Especially considering the server we play on is going to be getting wiped pretty frequently I understand other people's hesitation to begin playing, that's why I haven't been on consistently anyways.
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Re: Li'vorkrachnika Empire (Cajdital)-Updated 3/28/2014

Postby Darcova » Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:38 pm

i don't have the game yet, but when I do my empire will be born. hahaha!
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