bugs & problems ... and maybe temporals solutions

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bugs & problems ... and maybe temporals solutions

Postby matou78 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:38 am

Hello all ,
First of all , i want just ask something . A game who is in Development ( or on kickstarter ) since 2012 , why is it still in alpha ? With a trophy for 2012 ? and for 23€ ? there are some pre-Alpha for 10€ with less problems and more contents , wtf guys :x

Now for bugs and other problems ,because this an alpha blabla , there are a lot of bugs .

1) By default , password and name isn't remembered ... why ? we need to play with a file to do that .
2) When i launch the game , sometime it block on screen loading ( like 55% ) and i need to restart it
3) In Game there aren't any tutorials , names at buildings , at icons any indications what is it .
3) Ships building stuck at 0 cycles ( i think saw someone who spoke about this ) , we need to go in the factory and move to warehouse components who are at 0 cycles
4) When we disconnect , all our queues are fucking wipe out . Seriously , do not tell me than it's for premiums or i will call a refund .
5) Research don't work ? I built 5 laboratory and the only one who i see with the research , generate some RP but sometime nothing . ( It works maybe with population but i don't understand without help )
6) Sometimes , on new conquered planets , when i come with cargo ships for depose some resources ,the first ship who land stuck in the planet and can't launch it so i need disconnect and connect again but the ship , disappears . And the CP what he use are still here . It happened for me 2 times so all that CP , used for nothing .
7) Impossible to unload troops from ships ... and load is the same shit .
8) On screens 1920x1280 , interface are a little small and texts in laboratory too .
9) Unable to delete blueprints ... Need to do it manually again in game folder --'
10) There are not all keys in key binding ... Guys who play with AZERTY keyboards are fucked very hard .

I think , it's all for me for the moment , If the bugs are repertory already , now you have all in one .
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Re: bugs & problems ... and maybe temporals solutions

Postby Therianwolf » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:10 am

Someone else will address your concerns about the bugs but basically the game is "broken" at the moment, we're all waiting on the next update which should happen soon. It's a big one. As for the money and development time. You paid for the full game alpha beta and final it's fair for them to ask that amount, it wasn't forced on you. As for development time, it's been addressed on many threads but basically mmo's take FAR longer to develop then conventional games because of the open endedness of it. Let's take minecraft for example, it was open to the public as an alpha in 2009 but wasn't actually "finished" (released to stores as a physical copy) until 2013 and that game isn't anywhere NEAR as complex as novus is. Hell novus has quests and a metric fuck ton more content then minecraft, so it's no surprise that it's been taking this long. World of Warcraft took 5 years and that was with a very large staff and a lot of money thanks to the 18 games they have made prior, so they have money to throw around to speed up the process. Or how about star citizen, have you SEEN how much money they have at their disposal!? It's fucking ludacrious and yet they have been in development since 2011 and don't even have a playable alpha yet (module don't count). Just give it time, these guys are a very small time the amount of full time staff working on this as their full time job can be counted on the fingers of one hand
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