Wow, Junk Folder got me good!

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Wow, Junk Folder got me good!

Postby HappyWulf » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:37 am

So when I got the e-mail that we'd all be able to play now I was super stoked! then it would not let me log in. I was all, Maaaan. I guess it's still Infiltrators only... and then uninstalled. Then tonight I coe visit the forums again to check out when Peacekeepers will get access to find out that I should have it already... Well alright, let's check my account. Still says $0 on a blank page... Hmm, ok, what's going on here? Oh look, a key resender? Let's do that. Boom! Instant key! It showed up in my Junk like the resender warned, the original probably snuck into my Junk too and has long since been purged by the auto purge of the junk recylcer.

BUT NOW I'M HERE!!! AHHH! F-ing finally! So much to get caught up on. The big question is, when will the final account wipe be once we go live? Or will there be any account wipes before that final one? Where can I find a fan wiki with ship info and a good racial ability breakdown?
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Re: Wow, Junk Folder got me good!

Postby Lord Tyrius » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:38 am is the wiki, other information is spread across these forums :)
Partial wipes are still happening if a large system is added, but should become rarer and rarer. There will be a wipe before going on steam (I think).
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