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Postby CollinDow » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:07 pm

Learned about this game yesterday. Purchased it within 20 minutes. I'm super-disappointed that I missed it during the kickstarter period; this is pretty much exactly what I've always wanted. A combination of Sins of a Solar Empire and EVE Online coupled with awesome art direction and cool lore.
I feel like Whackjob, tearfully drinking more coffee as he plays KSP all night long after ignoring it initially as some sort of cute game.
I feel so relieved, though, that I was linked over here in time to support the game before it came out.
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Re: Hello!

Postby Azsendi » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:52 pm

Welcome to NÆ!
Sorry to hear that, but I can't wait to meet you ingame when it launches.
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Re: Hello!

Postby Lord Tyrius » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:19 am

Welcome on the forums!
Need anything or have any questions? Drop me a message! (Click)
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