Solving problems for the six race

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Solving problems for the six race

Postby memo16 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:06 am

Hello im memo16 the sixth race is my fan made race and they have some problems that they need help on

1)engineering department is having a hard time trying to brainstorm the design for a new warship they agreed to some core values of the design which are the following
The ability to defect and absorb any type or amount of damage to protect the more breakable ships and in the event that it does somehow get damage it can repair itself so yeah they got the main idea down but the engineers are haveing arguments about how they should do this and types of systems they should use so they help give them a design that they can agree on and have actually build the damn thing please

2)by universal law PLANETCRACKER BREAMS are ILLEGAL for obvious reasons sixth along with a old enemy that i will not name are both in trouble because they both broke this law in a war long ago basically what happened was this their enemy sent not one not two but three Armadas the first and second armadas were pretty standard buth the third armada Han three super ships one PLANETCRACKER bream for each they have captured or destroyed all of sixth territory but at the lost of two super ships and two armadas and 75% of the last Armada yet to capture the home system of the sixth Han no ships left or so they thought they built one last ship a ship to save them all it name was the
s.m.s Marrero it overpowered the enemy both in defense and offense systems and is held the most important ship in sixth history but the primary weapon is a set of three PLANETCRACKER breams...sooo WHOs the one to blame here ??? Who should be punish and what with????
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