Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

The Novus Aeterno community has shown it's talents and we want to see more. Come show us your stuff and I might leave your planets alone.

Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Azuca88 » Fri May 23, 2014 5:10 pm

The key word here is: Short. We ask everyone to please keep their submissions to a maximum of 1000 words.

Please be aware of the Novus AEterno lore while writing.
It can be about anything you wish, as long as it remains within the confines of the Novus AEterno universe and doesn't mess with any of the existing lore.

We will keep this thread open until the day we select the winner. This will allow people to edit their submitted works up to the day the winner is announced.

The winner of the competition will be announced on June 7th during the Livestream.
The winning submission will be read live by Denny and will be incorporated into the existing Novus AEterno lore.
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Huginn » Fri May 23, 2014 6:46 pm

a good question would be if my 3-part story could be submitted?


Sadly the first part of the 3 part story is 700 words alone. Doesnt seem like ill be participating in this competition :]

If it was 2500 words it would be perhaps plausible :P
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Quintus Arius » Sat May 24, 2014 5:47 pm

Missed last weeks live stream so this is the first I have heard about the short story submission. Could you please tell me where and in what format to send such a story? Thank you.
Quintus Arius
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Lord Tyrius » Sun May 25, 2014 2:36 am

Post it here.
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby TirQuan » Mon May 26, 2014 1:28 pm


150 years ago, mankind finally broke out of the solar system, and went to the stars. We went into space, looking to answer our greatest question; "Are we alone?" No. What we encountered wasn't an alien race benign and welcoming, what we found were monsters. Blind, muscular, and aggressive, they wiped out mankind's largest fleets like they were nothing. Planet after planet, battle after battle, mankind was on the run, we fled to Centauri. The oldest colony outside the solar system, it was the most heavily defended, after Earth. It fell in five months, the planet was laid waste to, and we fell back to our other worlds, and watched as they trashed the most advanced human fleets at Earth, then proceeded to the planet below, within four months, it was uninhabitable. Not many got out of Earth intact, and of the few that could get off the surface, even fewer got out of the solar system. Our grief turned to anger, our anger to rage, our rage to fury, and we pulled out all we had and directed it at the Veru'nas The losses were atrocious, but we slowed them down, it cost us, but we stalled them. Then, they stopped, had we beaten them? No. Plain and simple, they didn't see any need to pursue a fledgling race on the verge of extinction, and thought we'd die out among the stars. We didn't die out, and we haven't forgotten, soon...oh so soon...we shall return the favor, but for now, we bide our time. [work in progress, will add/subtract as needed]
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Bones » Sat May 31, 2014 12:00 am

Call me Cell, This is a possible back story for my empires beginnings.
The Colony has a strong Latin influenced culture.
I have two Latin words
Pace Locus: Place of peace
Iustitiae manus: Hand of justice

The Zealot War
Colony thirty six, also known as Pace Locus, was a refuge for millions of humans fleeing the war. A war that had brought devastation too the unified human empire. But once the human empire fell, humanity was dispersed on its many colony’s throughout the stars, igniting a dark period in human history. The dark times sent many isolated colonies into chaos and anarchy. The humans of colony Pace Locus panicked during this dark time. Before the fall they had thrived under the guidance and leadership of the mega corporations of Earth. But now they were alone in the galaxy. The Colonists, ran to the order of Zealots. Since their arrival at Pace locus the Zealots had been trying to convert the human colonists for years. Now in their struggle. The colonists went to the Zealots, seeking guidance and spiritual help, during this time of struggle. After centuries of isolation and struggle. The Zealots helped to begin a new civilization for the colonists, becoming the governing leaders of Pace Locus. With millions of followers the Zealots became more powerful as the colonists came to depend on them more. Awed by the Zealots magical powers the people began to worship them as deity’s constructing monuments in their name.
The Zealot’s power came from the ancient human technology, from before the war. For the human colonists that technology and knowledge had been lost. The Zealots power ensured they had control of the colony and worked to limit the colonist’s knowledge and scientific advancement. Over time the Zealots power began to corrupt them sending them into madness. This began during their four hundredth year, after a series of human sacrifice and purges by the Zealots, caused the colonists to rebel. An underground rebellion calling themselves Iustitiae manus, the Hand of justice. Under the leadership of Ramses Celturion (Cell-Turion). For a time it was a war of attrition Ramses and his rebels started as nothing but terrorists to the Zealots. Ramses movement got more support over time. As the Zealots became increasingly more corrupt and mad. More people came to the rebels cause. Allowing Ramses to conduct bolder attacks on the Zealots. This started the seven year Civil War. The war took the lives of thousands of humans. With few human supporters left the Zealots dictatorship ended, in a finial attack on the Colonies capitol by the Rebels. Ramses and his men stormed the Zealots palace and killing the Zealot high priest and the rest of the Zealot order. The people celebrated and Ramses Celturion was made king and the empire was born.
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Aetherblade » Sat May 31, 2014 11:19 am

Last chance to get some of your stories on here :)
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby BeforetheStorm » Sat May 31, 2014 3:15 pm

Sorry if its a rather rough, I only heard about this a few days ago. Not quite the time I needed. I had to give it a shot though, this game's lore is too interesting not to. Word Count should be exactly 1000.


This is the story of a bullet.

This bullet was special not for who, or what, but Special for what it accomplished during its own short span of existence. Forged in the foundries of Luna Base, the bullet was of a league never before attempted by human engineers. Designed to cripple or kill any contemporary spacecraft known or projected to exist in a single shot; it was the primary armament of the Earth Defense Fleet’s revolutionary long range capital ship (an early predecessor to modern day’s Basilisk Capital ship). At the time, it was hoped to be a warning to the recent explosion of human pirating that plagued the fledgling human colonies. First contact with the Veru’nas’ dramatically changed those priorities.

Sadly, first contact is a bit of a misnomer. In their arrogance, the mighty Veru’nas’ saw no need to communicate with the comparatively young and feeble minded human explorers. They only saw the opportunity for combat, the chance at the glory and honor all Veru’nas’ need to succeed in their brutally survivalistic culture. Pitifully, the humans stood no real chance. Veru’nas’ technology and military strategy was so far beyond human comprehension that the largely civilian outlier colonies and fleets were utterly wiped out, leaving no chance to send a warning to Earth. Natural disaster was presumed by most, but once the search and rescue forces discovered charred colonies stripped clean of all life and vessels almost completely vaporized, humanity realized the truth. However, by then it was too late, the Veru’nas’ had already stripped the human colonies of all actionable intel. Including the location of humanity’s greatest bastion, Earth.

Now realizing the scope of the danger, humanity mobilized its defenses. Not that it mattered much. Intent on utter annihilation of their foes, the Veru’nas’ appeared at the edge of the solar system and began to work their way inward. Conflict first began in the orbit of Pluto, formally a small research base, it had been completely evacuated. The human commanders knew that there was no sense in mounting a full on defense of a target of so little strategic value. Nevertheless, in order to win this conflict in the long run, humanity desperately needed information on their newest foes. As such, humanity prepared a small vanguard force in Pluto orbit. Just enough to force a reaction from the enemy and engage humanity in close combat under the eyes of hundreds of analysts. The vanguard was ordered to keep the engagement brief and minimize casualties; to withdraw at the slightest indication of real danger. They never got the chance.

From this first engagement, humanity bought with blood priceless information, they learned of the raw strength and power of the Veru’nas’, their elegance and speed, but most of all, they learned of the Veru’nas’ unmatched brutality and killing efficiency. The human vanguard thought they were prepared, monitoring every FTL band and vector, every stray photon and neutrino, they thought that nothing could surprise them. That is, until the Veru’nas’ flagship codenamed “Thanatos” jumped directly into the middle of the human formation and split asunder a proud battleship in one blow with barely more than a shield flare. Shocked, the humans were even more unprepared for the trio of Veru’nas’ cruisers slipping up alongside their sister ship, popping any ship in their way. As one, the four ships opened fire in all directions with energy weapons as beautiful in appearance as they were deadly in effect. In seconds, the heart and mind of humanity’s vanguard, its first line of defense, was complete molten slag. With no direction, and no possibility of timely reinforcements, the shattered human forces sounded the retreat; only to find their FTL drives completely unresponsive. As it turns out, at such close proximity, the Veru’nas’ were somehow able to use their powerful and highly malleable shielding to disrupt any FTL bubbles generated nearby. With nowhere to run, the scattered fleet fought to the last ship, valiantly buying humanity’s analysts time and information with each shot fired.

Realizing that no multilayered defense of the solar system would be effective if they could not inflict any casualties on the enemy, humanity's defenders prepared every available ship for their next defense. Furthermore, the EDF mobilized for the first time its two newest starships. The state of the art, long range, capital ships known as the EDF Aquitaine and EDF Bastion. Only partially finished, little more functioned than the engines, and the massive cannon running the down the entire center line of both ships.

At this time, Titan was a burgeoning economic, and manufacturing center. Equipped with its own orbital defenses, Titan was a nearly irresistible target for the Veru’nas’. True to their nature, the Veru’nas’ appeared suddenly and without warning, quickly dispatching large numbers of orbital defense turrets. The human fleet, nestled deep with Titan’s clouds, a location neither species would dare FTL, quickly moved to engage. However, this time humanity had a plan. The human warships were merely support to a far deadlier threat, hundreds of fighters and bombers engaged only one target with entirely EMP focused weaponry. The Veru’nas’ heavy cruiser “Thanatos” shuddered as its shields were finally disrupted by the efforts of thousands of warheads. In this very moment, The EDF Aquitaine and the EDF Bastion revealed themselves from Titan’s embrace. Firing first, the Bastion colossal round broke the Thanatos’ shield leaving the Aquitine’s bullet, THE BULLET, the opening it needed to smash through the formable heavy cruisers armor and cripple its engines. Lacking nearly all propulsion, the Thanatos slowly lost against Titan’s gravity, drawing the ship to a crash on the surface.

After suffering such a loss to an inferior race, the Veru’nas’ withdrew in shame. Vowing to return with the full might of the Veru’nas’ imperial navy. Humanity, realized that next time they would not be so fortunate. Learning what it could from the downed ship, the humans did what they could to prepare for future incursions. It wasn’t much, but it would be just barely enough.
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby Lord Tyrius » Sat May 31, 2014 3:32 pm

## Logbook: Entry #1
## Starship: Prometheus
## Operation: Codename “Phoenix
## Location: Unknown
## Captain Tyrius


It was a run for the survival of the human race.
Earth had fallen, seederships flew in every direction carrying everything that was left, hoping to find new ground to rebuild the human empire.
The Prometheus was a ship of the latest generation, and one of the seederships that carried old artifacts of unimaginable value. (At least that’s what I was told. But my scient’s officer told me that they didn’t even have a clue what it was.)

What I didn’t know back then was that this artifact would save my life.

We were under heavy fire and I feared the ship could fall apart at any time now. Suddenly all systems, monitors and other electronic devices started to behave strange. Sensors indicated a huge energy reading from INSIDE the Prometheus cargo bay. But before I really understood the displays I was looking at, I got a message from one of the men I sent into the cargo bay to secure our freight, telling me that one of the boxes was making weird noises. Somehow I had the feeling I knew what box it was, and I could only hope that I wasn’t transporting an ancient bomb.
Then unexpectedly the whole ship started shaking, and we flew around in it like flies in a jar. “That’s it.”, I thought, “We are all dead.” But as fast as it had started, the shaking, the noise of the battle, it all stopped and an unnatural silence spread.

I stood up, looked out of the windows of the bridge: No other ships, neither of human nor alien origin were anywhere to be seen, nothing at all but one planet.
The next thing I did was a full report of the damage our ship took. The result: We were left in space without scanners, shields, weapon systems or FTL. To make matters even worse we had an energy leak and my engineer told me we had only about 2 hours of running life support systems left. So we headed to our only hope: Towards the planet.
The atmosphere was all one large raging and roaring electromagnetic storm, no way to see anything on the surface, and I doubt that the scanners could reach past it, even if they were working. But we had no choice.

This time we were prepared for the turbulences and everyone grabbed something stable. Without sensors and with the storm outside my navigator had to fly completely blind.
I would be lying if I said we weren’t frightened. We knew under these conditions even one of the best pilots of the academy wouldn’t be able to bring the ship down with a maneuver that could be called a proper landing.

But it shouldn’t come that far: Suddenly we broke through the clouds around us. It felt like breaking through the surface of water, but it wasn’t water: We were flying in a dome of light that kept the storm away from… we didn’t believe our eyes. Everyone just left his station to get to the windows. The dome was protecting a city! Under us were huge buildings that looked like skyscrapers built from glass and metal. The biggest one was right in the middle, from there 4 roads reached in all 4 cardinal directions. It was a whole city.

We were so stunned by what we saw, that nobody was navigating the ship. But that wasn’t even necessary anymore: On half the height of the middle building a gate opened and a beam of pure light had appeared. It seemed to be similar to the tractor beams we used at earth, and it carried us directly inside the building.

As soon as we were inside, the gate closed behind and lights lit up everywhere. We were in a hangar, next to many other mostly small ships. Just like everything else they were made from nothing but glass and metal. There was no sign of the inhabitants or any other kind of life.

We left our ship to scout the area and to find out if there was any acute danger for us. And just when we reached what looked like a door it opened. Through the door came a man. At first we thought it was a ghost, but then we realized it was a holographic projection. He/it didn’t seem too surprised to see us: “Welcome back travelers! I have prepared rooms for you, dinner is served to your rooms in one hour, you must be very tired.” he greeted us friendly.

“I’m Tyrius, captain of the Prometheus and this is my crew. Who are you, where are we? And why have you awaited us?” I replied confusedly.

“I am Proxis, the brain and caretaker of this place. You are carrying a key of the ancients, master Tyrius, and it brought you here, home to the city of your ancestors, Atlantis.” The hologram said. “After the ancients had gone to the stars, taking their keys with them, the city got forgotten and banished into the realm of myths. All they left behind was me, to maintain the city and prepare it for their return. You brought the key back; you are the new master of Atlantis!"

This is how we found Atlantis, but my story is not over yet! The city can give us everything we need: Lots of room to live, protection and even food from its automated greenhouses.
This is a call to all that is left of humanity, we are sending on all frequencies.
I don’t know if anyone will ever receive this message. We still have no idea where we are.
But if you can read this I want you to know: You are not lost. You are not alone. This is not the end, this is a new beginning. We will stay here and should you ever find us, here is a place for you to stay.
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Re: Novus AEterno Short Story Submissions.

Postby memo16 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:25 pm

:Captain:"Sir we found another one":you: "Can you be more specific":captain:"Sir we found another one of those fleets sir but it this one bigger than others sir" :computer:"incoming signal":your Ally:"I think that you know why I'm calling you" :you:"it about those unknown platoons that been flying past us and that fleet parked in near by dead space":your ally:"yes I called for your input on the matter and if you what my opinion its not the platoons that worries me its the fleet":you:"I totally agree and I honestly don't know what do with them they seem to be not wanting any trouble and they don't look like any ships I've seen":computer:"unknown signal":captain: "sir it coming form the unknown fleet":your ally:"I want to see this": you:"same here put it throw":unknown leader:"let us start off that we are sorry for any trouble we cause you":you:"you haven't cause us any trouble expect for a good scare":unnamed commander:"how can we scare you only three of our ships are actually warships"
:your ally: "Wait who are you and what are you doiunknown and why?"
:unknown leader: "me and the commander will tell you the full story but we will only tell you face to face so we already have made plans to meet you and your ally in the orbit of one of your planets okay"
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