Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

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Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby PerfectDeath » Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:01 pm

Here we go! During our stream we announced that we will be taking submissions of a hook into the first quest of a chain of quests.

We want it to bring the player into the quest. Cover what the basics of the quests are and the kind of characters. Extra props for keeping the lore in mind!

You don't have to worry about defining the kind of rewards or specifics about the quest objectives.

Feel free to submit them here, one story per person!
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Deathkeeper » Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:56 am

You "hear" someone loud and broken come over comm, asking for help. You look around your system(s) for the source and you see 3 ships being chased by 5 others. By the time they get towards the middle of the system, close to the sun, 2 are shot and destroyed, the one in the middle uses a speed boost that makes every shot against it miss. The lone ship fly around the sun, leaving the 5 in the dust... until the speed boost runs out. At this point you can either help the lone ship, destroy it and talk to the 5 other ships, or kill everything and go on with your life. They'll keep circling the sun until you do something. Helping the lone ship will introduce you to a npc that focuses on diplomacy and economy of the D.I.M.E system. Helping the 5 ships will introduce you to a npc faction that focuses on military and information. Killing all 6 will show the 2 npcs, you are no friend or enemy, and don't enter your systems anymore.
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby TechMaster » Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:02 pm

There is a creature wreaking havoc on our worlds and has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, its race is unknown as well as how it does what it does. What we do know though to the whole 360 degrees is that it has the ability to shape shift and to melt through objects as well as hacking computers with a simple touch and thought. It was last seen retreating to (planet name) owned by (npc name) if you can find this creature, it will help us dearly as it may also give us certain advantages to ruin an enemy planet's defenses.

When you have this quest line, until it is entirely complete, one random planet in your empire will have a decreased production rate of a random type (ship construction, mining, part manufacturing) for 10 cycles then at the end of it, it will switch to another random planet in your empire.
Upon completion, you will have a weapon available that when put on a planet, it will mess up your enemy's production of a selected type or defenses for 21 cycles, but you can only use it on one planet at a time.
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Therianwolf » Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:55 am

Eden Amissio

Receiving transmission... Source... Unknown...

As I send this... I suppose what may very well be my own epitaph, I stand upon a forsaken world, and rightly so, as it spirals towards it's inevitable death at the hands of it's once loving star, now more absent of light then the cold void of space. The very land beneath my feet seems to quiver and moan with every step as it struggles against the tidal force. I pray, one day, that I will be forgiven for the lives that have been lost in pursuit of my obsession... No, that word does not cover my sin properly... For my crusade. My innocence lost amongst the debris and severed limbs of the flag ship "Purus Imperator" long dead adrift within the nebula "amissio". I believed our quest to be one of importance unlike any other, it was ours once, so should it be again. No... No! This world is too far gone, the memories that lay written on it's marred lands and desiccated seas should and will soon be forever forgotten, a sight so full of blight even the vastly "superior" Veru'nas turn tail and run from these hallowed grounds. I wish it were guilt for their atrocities that grips them so tight as they scurry away but alas I know them better. I have gazed into the Eye of Oblivion and now death, with it's wings and faceless form of glass, nears. Please find my ship and her crew they deserve a proper end, something I was too selfish and arrogant to give them. There is an artifact on board, I beg of you destroy it please! Cast it out into space and let it sleep once more among the lost and damned. Abandon all thought of finding me, spare your sanity, for it will lead only to despair. Instead live in hope, hope for the future that I have been given the blessing to glimpse. A mercy I couldn't possibly deserve. As I send these final words among the auburn glow of the burning skies, so heavy are my sins I can hardly stand as the barren wastes erupt with the crimson blood of this dying hell. My only comfort before deaths sweet touch is that I found it my love, I found our beloved pale bl.. dot. I've.... foun... E.............

Signal lost...
A string of numbers, possibly coordinates, and a name were received

The chain is a hunt following the path of the missing flag ship starting with a contact and following clues given to you, where it end? Don't know, could be the ship could be something else. Requirements aren't gonna be as simple as attack this or collect that, think more puzzles that require thinking. Final reveal, it's not a quest you can track, as in it does not show up in your quest window, think more achievement or galaxy wide event
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Gabriel » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:32 pm

You stand over the relay feed monitor in apprehension as the hull panel is examined. It was pulled from a debris field containing an as-yet unlocated SOS beacon that stopped transmitting shortly before your scout element arrived at the scene. The oxide burn patterns and scorching are unmistakably caused by heavy energy weapons fire and internal failure but more worrying is the hull registration marking only just legible on the fragment in question. You look out of the bridge viewscreen at the ship the number belongs to, still in one piece and accounted for since she launched and flown with you for these past few months... Is this a trick or have you uncovered something far more sinister?
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby ante185 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:32 pm

Damage Control

First steps:
Internal conflict has driven a faction apart already when the player stumbles over a standoff between the two opposing forces where he can pick sides. Either with the rebels, who're aligned with an nearby faction, or with the loyalist who are trying to keep the faction from falling apart.

Second step
Upon choosing side the standoff is cancelled as the officers calls fire at will, the player can then aid it's chosen side which would follow with task such as disrupting trade routes
(here I don't mean trade routes that where made by the quest, those could exist but mainly other players trade routes)
And lots more of little tasks like that where some of them rustles jimmies in your neighborhood.

Third and final step
Depending on the overall success rate of these tasks 3 things could happen

A; the faction gets a hold of the rebellion and squelches it, just imagine what would happen on the rebelling planets

B; the rebellion succeeds and the rebels (and maybe with their planets too?) joins their preferred faction

C; they form a new faction together which would not be to dissimilar to their preferred faction or they form Independent factions consisting of single planets

Looking back at this (And fixing some typos) it looks more like a event rather than a quest line, but it can pass still?
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Mainiaxe » Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:28 pm

*Revised Entry*

Admiring the god-rays bouncing off the atmosphere of your planet, casting shadows upon your vast fleet, your communications officer approaches you with an important message:

"Sir, one of our scouts has discovered what appears to be a large wreckage, they're requesting assistance with further investigation."

"Set a course." you reply, wondering why they would have sent a message directly to your bridge regarding a simple salvage operation.

Upon arrival, you see a field of massive metal bodies, twisted and contorted beyond recognition.

"I'm surprised they even recognized this as a ship, or multiple ships that is." says your comms officer, "It looks like they passed through one hell of a gravitational distortion, though our scans aren't picking up any traces of gravitational anomalies. It should be safe to proceed, but I think we should send in a research team along with the salvage crew in case they can determine what happened to this convoy."

{If you do not send a research team, the quest is terminated}

Without hesitation you say "Call in the best we have, if we can determine what happened here, hopefully we can prevent our own ships from falling into a similar disaster."

{Some time passes while the wreak is being salvaged and investigated}

"Sir, we are receiving a priority alert from the research group!"
"Open a channel."
"Yes sir! Comms active."

The voice of an ecstatic researcher blares through the communications speakers: "He..Hello? Is this thing on?"
"This is {insert name}, go ahead."
"Oh good, you're here, I didn't think you'd respond, usually noone..."
"Why have you contacted us, did you find something?'
"You bet we did! In what I'm sure was the engine bay of the flagship, which isn't much more than a ball of armor plating now, we found.... I mean, I still cant believe we found it, we could have cut even a centimeter to the right and passed right by it..."
"What did you find." you reply in an stern tone.

"Sir.... a crystal."
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Vindicator » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:39 am

you read through the Intercepted message trying to make sense of it

"This is Convoy Silvertip to Fleet Garrison we have been Engaged by pirate forces. Send Help Immediately!"

Pirate attacks in this sector are nothing new but they generally stay clear of military convoys . Have they grown bold or desperate ?
Immediately another intercepted transmission lights up the screen . Its from an unmarked ship probably a pirate ship

"Those Navy scum are putting up a fierce fight we are taking heavy losses we should withdraw"
"Negative . Stand your Ground! we must have that cargo at ALL costs"

The Triangulation of the signal shows the battle is taking place near by. Long range scanners show more Military and pirate ships heading to the battle but you're much closer to the convoy then they are.

You'd have to be crazy to risk getting your fleet between two warring factions but both sides seem desperate to have the cargo and the only one with the upper hand is you!

The scenario

Player enters battlefield

he's gets a request from both sides to help them in the battle . player also has the option to lone wolf

In the middle of the battle a Large military and pirate fleet show up .

1) if player aligned with the military he has to work with them to destroy all pirates
2) if player aligned with the pirates he has to hold off the military until the pirates steal the cargo and withdraw
3) if player aligned with no one. he has to destroy the cargo ship (pick up cargo) and get away safely

Rewards and the rest of the mission arc Vary depending on player Choice
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby NameAceSNIPER » Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:49 pm

-Upon entering Azendi (the Heretic Faction) territory. The player receives this message.

-General you have entered the territory of us gods. We who turn life into energy ,and such shall be your fate...... However, I sense a difference in you. You have come far general ......Yes, you are more use to us alive. You who has gathered many allies and fleets will do our bidding and for your deeds you will be given power beyond your comprehension. As of late these so called Zealot demon slayers have halted our journey, we demand that you gather your allies and decimate these Zealots. Advance to these planets (list of randomized planets owned/guarded by Zealot demon slayers) and leave no remnants of these pests. Go forth at once young general and serve your gods.

Mission objectives:
-Destroy/capture the listed planets listed in the quest.(Each planet will be surrounded and guarded by a enormous number of demon hunter ships, alliance teamwork will be required)

-mechanized alliance build that converts cosmic energy into resources.
-technology (component) that allows you to pass by cosmic disturbances without damage .

Consequences of the Quest:
-Accepting: you will be hated by the Zealot demon hunter faction and there allies;however, the Azendi will reach out to you and give your large amount of resources and items for doing routine quests.
-Refusing: You will be deemed unworthy by the Azendi Heretics and be there enemy for a period of time.

Quest guidelines:
-You are able to invite alliance members to fight along side you.
- The quest can be initiated by each player once, but you can participate when a alliance member initiated the quest.

(I tried) Really enjoy these contests, good luck and great job to all.
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Submissions

Postby Quintus Arius » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:15 pm

Basic Quest Name: Rogue

A cargo ship enters atmosphere of your Home planet. The captain asks to see the Imperator (?) with important information. Upon being granted the interview (player accepts quest) the ship captain presents the following information. After entering the outer reaches of your system his astrogator reports that the ship is moving off course from the pre-programmed transit path. After conferring with the Chief engineer and senior Computer engineer they report that some serious gravitational force is pulling the ship off course. They also report that the level of gravitation is planetary in strength.

The data is then transferred to the Imperial Fleet HQ and player sends a ship(s) to investigate. Once in the area they find a Rogue planet from deep space has entered the outer reaches of the players system. From this point it will be up to NA team to decide how much can be done here. Possible results of a rogue planet can be orbital disturbances (planets can even be swapped out of their orbits), debris fields requiring fleet destruction of asteroid fields and comets following rogue, disruption of planetary surfaces and production, immense treasure of materials (mining) or alien artifacts on rogue for the short time it passes thru system or the rogue entering a stable orbit and adding a planet to the system. If the last scenario occurs then news of a new rich planet with major resources could cause problems with numerous other empires, especially in a system with more than one imperium (3 players per system?).

Last possibility is to have one of the other races (or empires - NPC perhaps) already on the rogue and mining who have no intention of sharing that planet. No Home Shield allowed so combat will be inevitable. This quest would be available as a non-combat event as well as a combat scenario. The types of characters would be totally variable as many player types will have the quest available. This type of quest should have variable effects and outcomes depending on NA team. Multiple uses and of event level. If event level is not desired the quest can simply be a rogue asteroid of size complete with hostile alien mining operation which will pass thru the players system for a pre-determined time.
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