Novus Aeterno Quest Contest voting is now open!

The Novus Aeterno community has shown it's talents and we want to see more. Come show us your stuff and I might leave your planets alone.

Novus Aeterno Quest Contest voting is now open!

Postby Pyrodante » Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:09 pm

Here are the stories we read on the live stream:

*Revised Entry*

Admiring the god-rays bouncing off the atmosphere of your planet, casting shadows upon your vast fleet, your communications officer approaches you with an important message:

"Sir, one of our scouts has discovered what appears to be a large wreckage, they're requesting assistance with further investigation."

"Set a course." you reply, wondering why they would have sent a message directly to your bridge regarding a simple salvage operation.

Upon arrival, you see a field of massive metal bodies, twisted and contorted beyond recognition.

"I'm surprised they even recognized this as a ship, or multiple ships that is." says your comms officer, "It looks like they passed through one hell of a gravitational distortion, though our scans aren't picking up any traces of gravitational anomalies. It should be safe to proceed, but I think we should send in a research team along with the salvage crew in case they can determine what happened to this convoy."

{If you do not send a research team, the quest is terminated}

Without hesitation you say "Call in the best we have, if we can determine what happened here, hopefully we can prevent our own ships from falling into a similar disaster."

{Some time passes while the wreak is being salvaged and investigated}

"Sir, we are receiving a priority alert from the research group!"
"Open a channel."
"Yes sir! Comms active."

The voice of an ecstatic researcher blares through the communications speakers: "He..Hello? Is this thing on?"
"This is {insert name}, go ahead."
"Oh good, you're here, I didn't think you'd respond, usually noone..."
"Why have you contacted us, did you find something?'
"You bet we did! In what I'm sure was the engine bay of the flagship, which isn't much more than a ball of armor plating now, we found.... I mean, I still cant believe we found it, we could have cut even a centimeter to the right and passed right by it..."
"What did you find." you reply in an stern tone.

"Sir.... a crystal."

Eden Amissio

Receiving transmission... Source... Unknown...

As I send this... I suppose what may very well be my own epitaph, I stand upon a forsaken world, and rightly so, as it spirals towards it's inevitable death at the hands of it's once loving star, now more absent of light then the cold void of space. The very land beneath my feet seems to quiver and moan with every step as it struggles against the tidal force. I pray, one day, that I will be forgiven for the lives that have been lost in pursuit of my obsession... No, that word does not cover my sin properly... For my crusade. My innocence lost amongst the debris and severed limbs of the flag ship "Purus Imperator" long dead adrift within the nebula "amissio". I believed our quest to be one of importance unlike any other, it was ours once, so should it be again. No... No! This world is too far gone, the memories that lay written on it's marred lands and desiccated seas should and will soon be forever forgotten, a sight so full of blight even the vastly "superior" Veru'nas turn tail and run from these hallowed grounds. I wish it were guilt for their atrocities that grips them so tight as they scurry away but alas I know them better. I have gazed into the Eye of Oblivion and now death, with it's wings and faceless form of glass, nears. Please find my ship and her crew they deserve a proper end, something I was too selfish and arrogant to give them. There is an artifact on board, I beg of you destroy it please! Cast it out into space and let it sleep once more among the lost and damned. Abandon all thought of finding me, spare your sanity, for it will lead only to despair. Instead live in hope, hope for the future that I have been given the blessing to glimpse. A mercy I couldn't possibly deserve. As I send these final words among the auburn glow of the burning skies, so heavy are my sins I can hardly stand as the barren wastes erupt with the crimson blood of this dying hell. My only comfort before deaths sweet touch is that I found it my love, I found our beloved pale bl.. dot. I've.... foun... E.............

Signal lost...
A string of numbers, possibly coordinates, and a name were received

The chain is a hunt following the path of the missing flag ship starting with a contact and following clues given to you, where it end? Don't know, could be the ship could be something else. Requirements aren't gonna be as simple as attack this or collect that, think more puzzles that require thinking. Final reveal, it's not a quest you can track, as in it does not show up in your quest window, think more achievement or galaxy wide event

You stand over the relay feed monitor in apprehension as the hull panel is examined. It was pulled from a debris field containing an as-yet unlocated SOS beacon that stopped transmitting shortly before your scout element arrived at the scene. The oxide burn patterns and scorching are unmistakably caused by heavy energy weapons fire and internal failure but more worrying is the hull registration marking only just legible on the fragment in question. You look out of the bridge viewscreen at the ship the number belongs to, still in one piece and accounted for since she launched and flown with you for these past few months... Is this a trick or have you uncovered something far more sinister?
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Contest voting is now open!

Postby Fengyea » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:02 pm

Epic!!!! Cant wait for a fully story to be released
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Re: Novus Aeterno Quest Contest voting is now open!

Postby Therianwolf » Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:13 am

Fengyea wrote:Epic!!!! Cant wait for a fully story to be released

Working on it
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