My Launcher Project v2.0

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Re: My Launcher Project v2.0

Postby Lord Tyrius » Sun May 17, 2015 10:19 am

New version: v0.1 UPDATE 1
Main changes in this version:
-added tabs for news feeds (website, facebook, twitter)
-added button to open infiltrator group steam chat
-added button to launch mumble and connect to the taitale server
-launcher settings will be stored in "launcher_settings.ini" which will be created in the launchers current folder

-minor changes to the layout
-other small fixes

Upon starting the launcher the first time it will notify you whether is succeeded or failed to apply a application setting. (It should succeed 99%, dunno what could go wrong) This should happen only one time. The NEXT time you start the launcher the twitter feed should be displayed corretly.

Most of the changes are based on the incredibly detailed and helpful feedback by Dalphenus, thanks a lot to you and don't stop tearing things apart! (He's also an Infiltrator and I think with people like him we are ready for the next client/the bugs that come with it!)

Download link

I'm looking forward to your feedback about this version!
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