General Question about accessing the game

General Question about accessing the game

Postby sirtobitobson » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:48 am

Hey guys,

ive read several posts but the more i read the more i get confused. So please dont be mad at me if i ask THE QUESTION asked probably a million times before.

So, i cant access the game right now because of that Authenticity Key expired Error. Ive bought the Game Activation several months ago for 25$. When i log in into Taltaile i can still see the game is activated.
So my question is, what access do i still get for my 25$. Or is this access gone. Do i have to pay 75$ for playing the actual version of the game or is it just temporarily restricted. When does this restriction end?

So basically, will i ever play that game for the 25$ i paid for or did i got something wrong.

Thanks for your reply and sorry again for asking the same question.....
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Re: General Question about accessing the game

Postby Lord Tyrius » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:16 am

The 25$ got you a full copy of the game. The higher tiers included "infiltrator access" (earlier testing and direct feedback in a special forum included)
The "normal" version gives you access to the main ("live") server, infiltrators have access to a test server where features get added to be tested before the live server gets them.

Currently the client is being rebuild in a new engine, and due to the changes that need to be done to the server you can't access the game right now.
You will be able to play again once the new client is released to the public. As the game is still in a test phase the live server will be used to develop (more people have access to that obviously), so the test server is not used at the moment.

TL;DR: Restriction is temporary, you will have access again once the new client is available.
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