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Postby Shadows » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:36 pm

Cobalt wrote:. . . and another 6 months has gone by . . .

Maybe you should actually look around a little bit before making a childish comment. Taitale has been picked up by what can only be assumed is a publisher. They are under NDA, they have similar staff to what they had before things went awry. Finally, they are further along than the state the game was in Infiltrator access. Could it all be a lie? Sure, but a few months ago they did show us some interesting content. Probably worked their asses off to get it signed for release past the NDA.

My money is on them telling the truth, otherwise they could have just packed up and left like every other failed game I have backed.

Something's bringing you back here... what is it? I've backed many failed games... but when I realize all is lost, I leave. What's keeping you here?

Games take time, especially when they need to be redone. Remember all that talk about Beyond Dark? Where is that game? Why hasn't it been released yet?

The NDA is an unfortunate beast, but considering some entity is funding the game... I'm more than happy with waiting in the dark. I would definitely appreciate a visual update, but it is what it is.
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